Entry #1

New stuff

2007-10-17 01:28:40 by mikeyoung

The Dragon Game. You should play it, and hit me with feedback XD

Also, it's my birthday on Friday :)


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2007-10-17 01:37:39

happy birthday on friday! ^^ Scorpio!!!! (mines on the 28th)

and im gonna head over to your game right now ^^

mikeyoung responds:

Thanks :)
Happy birthday to you also in case I don't remember to say it then.


2007-10-17 02:23:55

i checked your stuff out but it wouldnt let me comment on it so ill just comment here... it was good basically, but you need to spend a little more time on it, and refine the movements and the graphics. also the game went by too fast, but i am in fact glad that it did because it was boring me. The music was pretty good.

mikeyoung responds:

Yeah, I didn't really have enough time to make it as good as I wanted, because it was for an assessment and I on;y had a few weeks to do it, and being my last year of high school I had a lot of other stuff to do as well.

Cheers :)


2007-10-17 06:13:51

Congratulations. Happy Birthday!

mikeyoung responds:

CHeers :)


2007-10-17 15:07:30

Happy B-Day!

Also, I liked the game! The concept of it all was very cool, but should have been a little longer. Also, the creatures should have been slowed down because it's hard to dodge some when they move too fast.

mikeyoung responds:

Thanks mate :)
Yeah, I would've made it longer if I had time, but it was mainly meant to show that I actually knew how to write ActionScript because it was an assessment thing in my course, like I said.
I'll keep that stuff in mind for next time though.